Handling Let Just Be Friends

October 4th, 2007



whats up? i was wondering, there’s 2 girls i can go for.

the first is a really nice girl my friend introduced me to at a club. we had one date, it went ok, i tried to kiss her, but she wasn’t ready. a few days after she told me she just wanted to be friends, and i was kind of ok with it. but a few weeks later, she is really depressed and she whines and moans to me about her ex-boyfriend who is a real asshole to her.

and i actually said yes to being her shoulder to cry on. the 2 things i want to know about this situation is:

1. how can i tell a girl to f’off with her problems with her boyfriends without hurting their feelings, and

2. how can i attract her back?

the other girl is one i know at school, she’s really nice, and she knows i like her, ive asked her out but she said not at the moment, and ive been kind of trying some tips to help attract her to me, but they dont really seem to be working out. so i just told her that i’m done trying to date her, so i’d like to know how i can attract her without her knowing i’m doing anything.

thanx man,



Okay, I appreciate your honesty, but let me cut to the chase: From your email, I can tell that the solution to what’s going on here goes WAY DEEPER than any “do this to her ” or “do that to her” answer, because right now, in the state that you’re in, and in the perspectives that you have on women, no matter what you say, it’s not going to come out right.

How do I know this? Because of “the first is a really nice girl my friend introduced me to at a club.”

How does mean she’s nice? What has she done to show you how “nice” she is?

You’re already putting her on a pedestal.

Then, “I tried to kiss her, but she wasn’t ready.” Even though it’s true that a girl needs to be “ready”, it’s not nearly as big a deal as you think it is. In fact you can often get girls that hardly KNOW you at ALL to kiss you. So it seems as if you’re perspective on women is that all the “power” is in their hands, as if you can only hope to kiss THEM when they are good and “ready”.

Then you say: “a few days after she told me she just wanted to be friends, and i was kind of ok with it.”

Kind of okay sounds to me like “kinda not sure.” Look, here’s the reality: You probably could have made her MORE than just friends, but if a woman DOES end up wanting to just be friends, then be DECISIVE about it. So TRULY be TOTALLY COOL with it, and move on to other girls.

The sad thing is that it’s a cycle, because if you are NOT cool with it, then you don’t move on properly, and you don’t get the other girls, and then you go back to thinking about the first girl, and that makes you needy, which makes you not able to get her or other girls. The REVERSE is true as well, i.e. if you ARE cool with it, you easily move on to other girls, and if you can so easily move on to other girls, you probably would have been the guy who was not needy at all, and you would likely have gotten the first girl.

Which would also skyrocket your inner game and make you attract other girls as well.

So the best thing you can possibly do right now, and something that is cost effective as well, is to get my Seduction Mastery Program right now.

Getting Out from Friend Zone

October 3rd, 2007


Thanks for the book! It explains a lot of where I’ve went wrong, and went right without realizing why in the past.

I have a question.

I’m in the ‘classic’ problem of wanting a woman who happens to be a friend – not wanting to waste an opportunity, not wanting to blow a good friendship.

Here’s the story – I’ve known this girl, not as a close friend but someone who’s been around for a few years – on and off we’ve been in the same city or conversely in different countries for months at a time; for over a year I was with another girlfriend etc., etc., you get the picture.

Anyway, the friend I’m talking about – recently we’ve had more opportunity to hang out with each other. A couple of weeks back I thought I’d see what my luck was, we were sharing a bottle of wine together, I flirted, she backed away, so I backed off too. The next couple of times we met I think we both made a point of allowing there to be a bit more distance between us than usual.

Right now, I’ve just returned her call and she suggested meeting at a cafe for lunch. I go ‘yes, let’s meet, but come round, I’ll cook us something’.

The past me would assume that we’re only meant to be friends and would not make any move… however the past me knew very little about relationships and the present me is still learning. What is your take on this? Thanks in advance for your input,

B. from UK


First of all, just in case you are not seeing other women right now, you need to start doing that right away, or this whole situation will mess you up internally.

Now, if you are seeing other women, and you are still interested in her, then I can tell you that YES, there is a chance that you can take this situation further, but the challenge is that you had a couple of meetings where it seems you were put into the friend zone, and that’s hard to get out of.

It’s easy to change zones when you are in the friends zone and it’s your CHOICE, but not so easy when SHE puts you there.

So, the only choices you have here, if you want to make this happen, is to seriously ESCALATE the interaction when the moment is right.

I’m not going to explain the entire dynamics of attraction in one newsletter, but I will say that the key thing here is ESCALATION. In fact, that time that you flirted and she backed away, may very well have just been initial token resistance that EVERY girl gives when she is feeling not 100 percent sure, rather than a “BACK OFF MISTER” kind of thing, as you might already know.

So you have to be persistent, yet totally chilled out, and you have to be INTENT on this in your mind- not the kind of “negative pressure” but the kind of intent where it’s like “Man, I am going to GET this chick, because she turns me ON!!!!!!!!!!!” This kind of mentality blows apart any obstacles. You have to learn to instantly reframe and any kind of stuff she throws at you, i.e. she says “I dunno about this, I don’t want to ruin a friendship” so you say back “you talk too much” with a confident smile and then pull her in, and KISS her.

If she still backs away, cut her loose, completely, and don’t call her at all. Let her see you with other women. (And not just in a game, you really SHOULD be going out with other women anyway). Let it be TOTALLY ON HER at that point to feel it, to think about it, to come to the conclusion on her own.

The Real Attraction In You …

October 2nd, 2007


Hey, how are you?

I work in the social work field and I gotta tell you, your ideas are on the money. Stuff I never thought about, stuff that goes against everything I thought and believed “till now.

I was in a short relationship, 2 months, about 3 months ago. It just recently ended and I’m really feeling it. Had I had your materials beforehand I think things would have turned out differently.

She was everything I could ask for, beautiful, smart, nice. We both fell for each other, so it seemed, really fast.

Thinking back now I realize that she put me through what you refer to as the s**t tests. I thought I passed them, but looking back I realize that I failed every one of them.

I’m not gonna go into details about why she broke up with me, but I’ll tell you that it was my lack of self-worth that caused me to put her on a pedestal and pressure her away via my insecurities.

My question is this, does your “stuff” work on a guy who’s 40 years old? I mean, do the dynamics change for different age brackets? I keep telling myself, “man if I only had this 15 years ago I would have saved myself a lot of grief”. I need to fix some things about me and get in the game.

I’m just wondering if this all applies at 40. By the way, I’ve got it pretty together, I look much younger than I am, I’m considered attractive and I have a good career. I just got to get some game.

Thanks P., New York


First of all, thank you for your honesty and the props on my programs. The reality is that these insecurities are a mother of an issue for most guys. And so what happens is that rather than CONFRONTING these issues, guys end up compensating for the issue by acting in all kinds of ways that actually push women AWAY.

Or, the guy ends up settling for or accepting a relationship with a woman that is abusive.

Why is why my approach focuses on massive INTERNAL development that allows for very tangible results in the real world with women.

And YES, this stuff ABSOLUTELY works on a guy who’s 40 years old. Without giving you BULL, the reality is that this stuff works also for guys who are 50, 60, and 70. The reason why it WORKS is because this is about EMOTIONS. A woman doesn’t care about the LOGIC of anything as long as you are making it FEEEL awesome.

Also, to be honest, in many ways, 40 is a BABY. You are entering your prime, because you have the experience and maturity to now take my materials and make a relationship with a woman something even more emotionally COMPELLING for her.

Whereas most guys that are younger are still stuck in the “Happy Days” mentality of “what club should I got to on Saturday night”, you may have the potential to offer a woman a lot more emotionally.

Think of the aura created by Mickey Rourke in 9 ½ Weeks vs. the aura created by The Fonz in “Happy Days”. (And if you haven’t seen 9 ½ Weeks, go see it, just remember not to learn from the psycho parts near the end, but rather the BEGINNING parts, i.e. his demeanor, the way he attracts Kim’s character when he first meets her, the places he takes her to, the way he keeps sex erotic, unpredictable, passionate, the way he makes her feel feminine by him being masculine, the way he can be playful yet exciting, etc.)

So the Fonz is cool, but Rourke in the film is a little more…adult.

So you can go beyond the high school mentality of most guys (i.e. “I scored!” or “I’ve got to score!”) and go into something that is not only sexual, but also EROTIC. The deepest levels of attraction are MORE than just sexual: The deepest levels of attraction are actually many different emotions at once, you can read the details here

What It Takes To Be Good With Women

October 2nd, 2007

Just because guys find women to be attractive, doesn’t mean that all guys REALLY want to be GOOD with women.

Do you want to be good with women?

That’s an important question.

It’s very different than asking “Do you want to get BACK at women for the hard times you had or the painful times you had with them?” (As a lot of guys out there preach all kinds of hogwash that is useless for actually getting the women you want, but seems very appealing for guys that want to treat women like crap and get “back” at them.)

It’s very different than asking “Do you want to get laid?” (As escort services and easy women can take care of that.)

It’s also very different than asking “Do you want a special tactic for getting women?” (As that would imply that you are LAZY and that the best you are willing to do is memorize some overly simplistic “tactics” or “lines”.)

NO, the question is very simple: Do you want to be good with women?

Do you REALLLLY want this?

So, if THIS is your goal, read on.

And ONLY if this is your goal, read on.

The reality is that being good with women involves a LOT of skills, a LOT of insights, a lot of inner development, and a LOT of practice.

But most guys don’t want to hear this.

That’s because they don’t REALLY want to be good with women. They’d like to be good with women, but not if it means INPUT. So they fall prey to “how to be good with women by following this special magic line or tactic” as opposed to actually LEARNING on a deeper level.

But you DO want to be really good, and I respect that.

One of the major components of truly developing yourself in this area is gaining a sharp understanding of the DETAILS and the SUBTLETIES involved in being good at pick up and attraction.

There are very few “simplicities”.

1. For example, if you see a woman you’d like to chat up, and she’s with a group of friends, the reality is that what’s just as important as whether she is alone or with friends, is ARE HER FRIENDS as hot as she is?

THIS is a bigger factor than if she is alone or not.

So, for example, if two girls are together, who are BOTH hot, it’s going to be FAR easier to pick up EITHER one than if her friend is NOT hot.

The reason is simple- if her friend is NOT hot, it’s going to piss off her friend, and the hot one will know it’s pissing her off and will not want to make her feel bad by making her feel left out.

And if you are not in a club, it’s not that easy to always “isolate” the hottie away from her friend. So for example, very often, you will have to engineer the situation so that you are chatting with them both and getting both of their numbers. Not always, but often.

But if BOTH girls are hot, then you can EASILY do whatever the hell you want, because EGO is not a concern here, no one is left feeling like they are worthless. When two girls are together who are hot, that is NOT a problem at all, in fact one girl tends to help the other one get picked up!!!!!!! In most cases, they will HELP you – I can remember many cases for example, like on the bus, where this one girl actually find the paper and the pen so her friend can write her number down, and in fact the friend tells me what a great girl her friend is, and that I should call her, etc.

All because she doesn’t feel bad just because her friend is getting attention – in fact, maybe she is not single, and she wants her friend to meet a really cool guy too, so they can both be on the same page!

So it’s not about whether it’s a lone woman, or a group of two, or ten, but more about the self-esteem of the chicks involved, and preserving that so that no one is left feeling yucky.

That’s just ONE example of something that is totally misunderstood – the whole idea of it being about whether a chick is in a GROUP or not. It’s really NOT the main factor.

2. Here’s another thing that totally is misunderstood: The whole idea of whether or not you should MENTION certain things even though they are TRUE.

For example, let’s say you see a girl on the city commuter train, but she is on another subway car. So you SWITCH train cars at the next station to get onto HERS.

Even though it’s TRUE, it’s not going to sound CUTE to the girl when you mention “Hey I saw you from the next car and decided to come over to chat with you.” Unless she’s NOT hot, chances are you are going to just CREEP her out with that, as if you were spending wayyyy too much time and energy on a total stranger, as if you are psycho.

Instead, just continue the pick-up like you would if you just met her. Start up a conversation about something light, and FEED it with your personality – make it fun, playful, teasing, intriguing.

Of course, DEVELOPING these skills to BE all these things is a whole topic as well, but the fact is, even with those skills, if you start off all wrong, you will get SHUT DOWN before you can even get started!

And the FACT IS, that without a SOLID GRASP of this stuff, you are NOT going to get the results you want, because the reality is that the HIGHEST QUALITY women are not exactly FLYING around all over the place.

This is NOT scarcity thinking, it is simply a FACT. The highest quality women DO exist in ample supply, but you will have to be READY to take action when the moment COUNTS. And sometimes, it’s not going to fall into your lap, you are going to have to do pick-up in a strange situation with strange logistics like the above. Or she may be in a rush, leaving the store, with bags in her hand, about to go to work or school or meet up with someone, and not seeming open to pick up.

But that is your ONLY CHANCE to actually take action or she will be GONE.

So knowing how to best take action in these situations is what counts. If you come across as desperate or try hard, it’s over. So in that subway situation, being so candid about how you saw her is just going to hurt your results.

Here’s ANOTHER example of something that is a crucial subtlety:

3. Even though the principles of attraction are universal, each girl is at least slightly different from each other in personality, and therefore you must RECOGNIZE the patterns of personalities so that you can BEST attract and best connect with her.

Some girls are very bubbly and girly and feminine. These girls tend to REALLLY respond to masculinity. Like, all girls respond to it, but these types GO WILD for it.

Other girls have been conditioned to only open their minds to being receptive to a guy if they think he has a lot of SOCIAL STATUS.

With such a girl, it WILL help your pick up if she finds out without you actually SAYING it that you are indeed of high social status.

So for example, if she asks what you do, and you say nothing, and she laughs, because she figures you must do something so status respected that you are so secure so that you don’t even feel the need to qualify yourself, but then she asks again, and she actually DOES seriously want to know so she can feel comfortable, she feels it’s DANGEROUS to get attracted to you otherwise, so she will shut herself down before she can even get interested if she feels you are not “high status”.

So you see the status, prestige, etc, it won’t ATTRACT her sexually, but it will allow her to OPEN THE DOORS to you to GAME her so that she CAN become sexually interested.

And there are so many other subtleties to this game, for example, even among PARTY GIRLS, there is huge variance. There are party girls who are still pretty cool girls, they have normal jobs and are not on cocaine and don’t even smoke, they just can’t wait to party and they have that bubbly personality.

Then you have the other type of party girls that are totally shallow and/or are addicts or just messed up personally and emotionally.

But it’s important to realize that not all party girls are bad or hardcore party animals.

So let’s say you meet a “good” party girl, and you’re not necessarily looking for a deep relationship, but to at least enjoy the time you have with her.

Well, then I can tell you that she’s going to RESPOND like crazy to a pickup style that is even MORE FUN and MORE SECURE and also verrrrrry SEXUAL in the pick-up, more overtly sexual in the pick-up than the style of pick up you should do on most other girls. It will NOT make her feel “cheap” or “slutty”, as to her being sexual is like BREATHING AIR. This whole “anti slut defense shield” varies from girl to girl.

How do I know this stuff? Simple – because I’m not a wanker wannabe who rehashes whatever UNPROVEN trite is in vogue.

Rather, I’m out there meeting women, not only in clubs, but POUNDING THE PAVEMENT and meeting women everywhere, all kinds of women, and you learn a thing or two after doing pickup year after year in the real world.

It took time and it took sheer EFFORT to gain this experience. If after a day of pick-up, and being exhausted from searching the city for a truly beautiful woman inside and out, and walking miles and miles, I would then spot a striking woman far away, I would must up the energy to catch up to her and do the pick up as if I was totally fresh, with the same energy, focus and determination.

And I can tell you one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about attraction:

4. It’s not just about putting yourself on a pedestal and especially not about putting a woman “down”.

I see too many guys following popular but misguided advice that is all about putting the women down in subtle ways so that you seem superior.

Let me tell you why that is not enough and why it does not work, especially long term.

First of all, a woman will only feel attraction if you DO give off the vibe of having what I call “SUPERIOR INTRINSIC VALUE”, and if the ONLY thing you know how to do is put women down, you will actually be giving off vibes of INSECURITY and low value.

Plus, even if you do get SOME results with this style of putting women down, the woman you are with will slowly put the pieces together, and will start to give you back a taste of your own medicine. And then you are going to be between a rock and a hard place, because if you go soft, you look like a wuss as if you are suddenly kissing up. And if you continue with the ego-slamming tactics, she will continue to slam your ego as well.

And that’s going to be one messed up situation that is not fun.

5. Rather, what DOES work, and is FAR healthier psychologically for BOTH you AND her, is for you to actually have POSITIVE VALUE.

Which means that TEASING a girl comes from a place of CONFIDENCE AND FUN and NOT from a place that is malicious.

It also means that the teasing is done JUST enough to create that sexual TENSION and something for her to ANTICIPATE BREAKING THROUGH, because in fact it’s FUN to not have everything so easily handed to you and to have to work for it.

The same way a great movie doesn’t just JUMP to the conclusion, and feels so much better when you feel the struggle of the hero to REACH the happy conclusion!

And it ALSO means that you need to KNOW when and how to give a woman a MEANINGFUL COMPLIMENT.

And THAT comes from actually HAVING a cool personality that ADDS VALUE to your interactions, makes things more FUN, more PLAYFUL, more INTRIGUING, more SEXUAL.


This includes also UNDERSTANDING the different types of women, and understanding how to best connect with them.

This is about ENRICHING yourself in this particular area called “how to be good with women”, and I guarantee you that this is not about “slamming women’s egos.”

That “slamming egos” stuff is more for if a woman is acting like a downright b***h with you right off the bat. But even THEN, honestly, most of the time there is NO NEED for it, you’re better off to just LAUGH IT OFF and determine immediately if the woman is really a b***h or is she just getting rid of an ocean of idiots hitting on her.

Just the other day for example, a great girl kept telling me how she was too young for me, to which I laughed it off, ignored it, and kept up the interaction, figured out exactly her personality and gave her exactly what she needed (including a sense of independence, so for example, at one point where she was playing hard to get, I told her, and I meant it, “hey don’t make me make you do anything you don’t want to do” to which she then IMMEDIATELY changed modes and goes “Nobody make me do anything – I do what I want to do” which was perfect, because now it made her CHASING ME a form of HER independence.

As I was not forcing it on her and truly had the inner congruency of being able to walk away. And, another cool thing was I had taken immediate charge of the situation in a clear way, not scared of her reaction or lack of approval in the SLIGHTEST, as there are plenty more women around.

This, as well as everything else I was doing, got her into overdrive, leading to her not only giving me her number and talking to me about how turned on she was, which she kept saying never normally happens to her so fast, but also I could hardly get her OFF the phone that night even when I wanted to go to sleep. And she had to get up early as well.

But before that, she kept bringing up the age thing every few minutes, till I told her that it was funny at first but was retarded now, and then she stopped, as she realized in fact she was sounding retarded at that point. In fact, part of this whole age thing was not even the age, it was her way of showing SOME resistance, some token reason for resistance to show she was not that easy. Which I totally understand from a girl’s point of view.

And then she said it must be because I’m a Gemini and she has a thing for Geminis. This just goes to show you how LOGIC has no bearing once a girl is into you. Not only do her logical objections to you have nothing to do with attraction, but also, she will USE some sort of logic RETROACTIVELY to JUSTIFY why she IS attracted to you, even though it has nothing to do with it.

And that’s cool by me. All I care about is results.

And if YOU want results, let me cut to the TRUTH:

There’s a LOT to learn. A lot of subtleties.

For example, it’s not enough to just GO FOR IT. Going for it is a great starting point.

Going for it can help you get over your fear of rejection, and that is a GREAT starting point.

But it’s not enough.

There is NO one magic tactic, or move, or method. The only guys that believe in magic moves are guys that ALREADY had great game but were too afraid to try anything, so when they finally try something, it works because of all the other stuff they are doing right. But they think it was the one “magic move” they learned.

If there was such a thing, EVERY guy would be doing it.

It takes some EFFORT.

If you are ready to LEARN, and to DEDICATE yourself to this process, then I seriously suggest you take my Bootcamp.

I will become your PERSONAL AND EXCLUSIVE instructor for three days and nights straight. I will IMMERSE you into every facet of pickup and attraction and every facet of the game.

You will be SOAKING in so much REAL WORLD LEARNING, that even after the program is over, if you continue to apply yourself and do pick-up, you are going to be experiencing MORE AND MORE of the FULL MEANING of everything you learned. And your skill level will start to jump in SPURTS each time this happens. It’s like a time-delay as your brain PROCESSES all the learning.

Sure, you can go out and do pick up on your own and try to learn it all on your own, and that’s cool. But chances are, it will take you A LONG TIME TO LEARN IT ALL BY YOURSELF. You will have to do it all by trial and error and that wastes TIME.

And if you want the most IN-DEPTH Home Study Program on EARTH on the topic of pick-up and attraction, I have the “MOTHERLOAD” of all Programs for you:


This program will equip you with the kind of RELEVANT information that most guys will never have.

It is EXTREMELY comprehensive.

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to apply THE PRINCIPLES of attraction to EVERYTHING you do with women, from the way you speak, to the way you move, to the sense of humor you exude, to the way you connect with any woman, to the intriguing, COMPELLING aura you exude — on a far greater level than most guys will EVER dream of.

And if you haven’t done so already, download my eBook NOW. This book will explain to you how to APPLY the CORE principles of attraction from first seeing her, to walking up to her, to getting the date, to getting physical quickly, and beyond. It’s the place to start.

Real Attraction, Not Drunk Girls

September 6th, 2007

One of the biggest problems with this field are that innocent guys are taken in by ILLUSIONS.

Such as the whole idea of the power of putting girls down. The reality is that yes, this abuse will sometimes work short term because the distress created in the girl makes the girl long for some immediate comfort. However, when the girl senses that the abuse is happening, and if she is high self esteem, she will, she will retaliate in a way that will make most guys melt to shreds.

Which is why it becomes important to ACTUALLY have emotional value rather than just trying to create it through putting HER down.

Of course, this only becomes important if you, like me, care about actually creating REAL attraction long term as well.

One of the reasons I don’t go on and on about how to get one night stands, makeouts in clubs, fingering a girl in a club, and all kinds of other related stuff is because it’s like talking to Wayne Gretzky about how you figured out how to tie on your SKATES.

Really, it’s just RIDICULOUSLY easy to the point that it should be EMBARRASING if that is what you consider “getting somewhere”.

It’s embarrasing if you are still caught up in thinking THAT is cool. If that makes you feel like you are a “somebody”.

Why is it so easy? Because on any given night, at any club, the VAST MAJORITY of girls are tipsy or BALLS OUT DRUNK, (so their horniness goes more UNRESTRICTED- i.e. the anti slut defense is MUTED) is and some girls are easier than others, regardless of how they look, even if they are “hot”.

In fact, I would venture to say that any guy who cleans himself up, and just gets COMFORTABLE with girls, not really SKILLED but just comfortable, who goes up to a few girls at a club, keeps the convo light and fun and keeps it going, and gets her seated in a corner, can achieve this with at least one out of several girls.

ANY GUY. With just getting COMFORTABLE. Not even having any REAL skill.


But how many guys even GO OUT???? They stay at home eating pizza or drinking beer with friends. Or if they go out, they don’t do much.

So they are in pre-beginner level.

So they don’t KNOW this stuff. It’s like a magician who impresses everybody until they find out the trick.

I would also go so far as to say that SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME in these environments will DETERIORATE your energy and time, and thus cause your REAL game to go DOWN.

The REAL game that revolves around your LIFESTYLE and way of thinking. Which is the most important part of your IDENTITY.

The reason for this is because if you really don’t like smoke and clubs and drinking too much, then you will be DILUTING YOURSELF, MAKING YOURSELF INCONGRUENT by not pursuing your REAL identity and actually SACRIFICING it.

Not mention all the TIME you would be wasting that could be better spent developing your REAL identity and your REAL uniquely strong assets in emotional stimulation.

Do you think that any of the greatest men alive today, at least in the department of men who can TRULY have their pick of any woman, do you think they spent all their time in CLUBS? Or doing PICK UP?

That is why I have been emphasizing since DAY ONE that this is about more than just your direct interaction with women. That is just one very important part of it, but it’s not close to being the whole thing.

Clubs are one useful TRAINING ground simply because there are so many women there. Also, for so many guys, we have been trained to be TOO serious, so we need to learn to FEEL the good fun energy of a club and let go of the logical serious side of ourselves. However, once you “get” that, you don’t need to spend your life in there, as I see so many guys doing like robots, spending 12 hours a week in clubs, getting no rest and burning themselves out so they have no energy for their LIFE.

Also, it’s not just clubs that I’m getting at. What I’m getting at is how to get a certain CALIBRE of girl, so even BEYOND clubs, and ANYWHERE, if you want to appeal to the highest tier type of girl with her INNER act together as well as her OUTER self, the routines and games are not going to work, the artificial routines are just a TOOL to get the skills STARTED and get you off to some momentum.

This is one of the reasons I don’t think that pickup in itself is EVERYTHING unless all you care about is one night stands or short-lived relationships.

Pick-up in itself cannot help you with KEEPING the girl.

Pickup is not the HIGHEST litmus test of attraction.

Simple proof: Take all the games and tricks and tactics of pick up artists, and then have some CHEESY B LEVEL movie or tv or music STAR compete with him.

Even a star with ZERO “game”.

In most cases, the B level dude will STILL SMOKE the hell out of the pick up artist.

Both short term AND long term!

Because the B level dude still stands out MORE, and wields more power, and far more social proof. And he’s not even trying, so he’s totally congruent forever, he’s not ever trying to keep up some image, it’s who he is. There are no lines, no tactics.

And even the star, he may not fare much better for the long term unless he UNDERSTANDS how to create EMOTION, and this must be developed as an extension of his real identity, or it will crumble to pieces because no one can fake for life.

But the pick up artist industry thrives on illusions of success based on drunk girls at clubs and also thrives on fears that guys have of their girlfriend cheating on them or some future girlfriend that they MIGHT HAVE, cheating on them.

But let’s be REAL- does Brad Pitt stay up at night worrying if some guy learning pick up is going to steal Angelina from him? Is that what’s keeping him up at night?

It’s BULL.

So what the heck am **I** doing here?

Simple: I’m here to let you know that PICK-UP is just the BEGINNING of your skills. And it’s important to realize that now before you spend endless hours focused only on pickup, and especially on drunken girls.

And in fact, there are guys who are not so great with the INITIAL pick up, but who can smoke out the other guys once they get past that stage.

So for them, learning to improve their initial few minutes for the pickup is very useful, but it’s not something to focus MONTHS of their life on. That’s ludicrous.

By the way, in case you’re wondering how those guys can SMOKE the “pick up artists”, it’s easy to explain what is going on:

They have MORE EMOTIONAL VALUE to the woman, but it takes them a while to warm up to start showing it all.

Some pick up artists are good at the beginning of the game, but then the chick finds out there is nothing TO the guy and she drops him. Or she is only using him for sex like she was doing to several other guys at the same time. It sounds funny, but in reality it’s not a big deal to get sex from women who are hot. It’s if you want all the OTHER stuff that things get more complicated.

You know, things like her being emotionally stable, drug-free, not a heavy drinker, upbeat, having long term potential, and having balance in her own life, being intelligent and creative, and being a giving, warm person as well.

Hence, the importance of DATING. To FIND OUT more about the chick before you decide you even WANT to get to that whole naked stage.

And to take things to a deeper level psychologically as well. For YOUR benefit, not just for hers.

Who would have thunk???????

Once you have STANDARDS, this stuff makes a heck of a lot of sense.

If you have nothing better to do, then definitely, throw your standards to the wind, and desperately pursue every girl possible.

If that’s what you want, then definitely, hang out as many places as you can where lower caliber women are getting alcohol saturated into their bloodstreams and into their brains. Flap the time away.

Of course, you don’t hear much about high caliber women in the pick up drunk girls club circles. Don’t even MENTION it or you will be SHUNNED.

You kind of ruin the VIBE of the entire cult like movement then.

Similarly, don’t even MENTION the term STD there. Heck they have a religion of club pick up to run, and all non-believers who are ruining the vibe must be sent to pick up purgatory till they reform and promote stds!

Stds don’t exist in that cult land of fairy tale attraction where all the girls are super high quality under the gloss of dim lights and lots of moonshine.

So what IS this thing I call REAL attraction?

Let’s start off by explaining what it is NOT:

It’s not just HORNINESS. ANY girl, if HORNY enough, and in a private location, is likely to have sex, the same way YOU would have sex with a girl you OTHERWISE would consider UGLY but at the moment you consider GREAT.

It’s not DRUNKENNESS. ANY girl is NOT completely her REAL self when drunk. Proof: When Brad Pitt walks in the room, even NON drunk girls will still be very open to him.

It’s not MOLDING your values to MODEL hers. In other words, real attraction does not require that YOU model HER lifestyle of clubs, drinks, and late nights. And REAL attraction would mean she was into you even though you were THE OPPOSITE. i.e. the same way a girl who was a total party girl would probably do everything she could to CHANGE her image in order to be the kind of chick that Brad preferred. NOT the other way around.

When I started out in this field, the BIGGEST thing that made me different from everyone else was that I was NOT an “entertainer” for girls. Rather, I decided to develop MY IDENTITY, for REAL, not to just make a ROUTINE out of it.

And THIS is what I teach guys to do. Also, what I teach is how to create COMPELLING EMOTIONS in a woman that go far beyond just being “hard to get” which is the sum total strategy of most of the other stuff out there.

EVERY emotion can be ATTRACTIVE if it is created in the right way. Humor can be attractive or it can be repulsive. Being too self-deprecating can be repulsive. Being playful but confident is sexy and a sign of VALUE.

Intrigue can be depressing or it can be compelling. And so on and so forth. There is a METHOD to the madness. All the emotions you create in her have to not only link to YOUR superiority, but have to ALSO link to MAKING HER FEEL ELEVATED as well as a result of BEING chosen by you.

When you understand how to create OVERWHELMING emotions in a woman, you will never again have to worry about another argument, you will never have to worry about convincing a woman of ANYTHING. She will do what you want all out of her OWN accord, her own EMOTION.

You have to understand that when a girl sees a ROCK star and falls like crazy or screams out for him, there is an EMOTIONAL reason for this. It’s FAR FAR stronger than any “pick up” tactic. It’s ATTRACTION because he has already PUSHED so many buttons from the emotions unleashed by his MUSIC, (as well as the SOCIAL proof he gets from having endless fans, including female fans that want him, so she wants him more).

Similarly, a head of state will wield emotional power of a different sort, the kind that resonates the feeling of “I HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN”.

So what is REALLY important to learn is NOT how to take advantage of drunk or tipsy party girls, which means very little in terms of ATTRACTION, but rather what is important is to learn how to CREATE POWERFUL EMOTIONS IN WOMEN.

As soon as you are creating emotions, you **ARE** important, to her, because the human brain REGISTERS emotion as PROOF that something indeed is IMPORTANT.

In fact, it ONLY registers emotion as important. Nothing else. Which is why you ignored breakfast and maybe lunch but WOLFED down supper because the emotion of hunger got you off your butt to TAKE action.

And what is the REALLY great news, is that you can develop these powers of emotion by learning to fully develop the ATTRACTIVE parts of your OWN identity, AND then also learning how to EMOTIONALLY convey all that to a woman.

This creates the MOST POWERFUL emotions in a woman, because she can tell that it’s NOT an act with you.

Contrived acts, or acts that seem FAKE, never stir much emotion. Picture some LONG LASTING rock group that has always written their own material vs. some pre-packaged group whose entire identity has been contrived.

So once you develop this identity fully, and you learn the skills for conveying this emotionally, you are PERFECTLY congruent, FOREVER.

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